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The main question that most people ask with regards to small laptops is why they are better than larger sized notebook machines. Below are the main reasons to choose a small laptop over a larger sized laptop.

1. Size
Small Laptops are small and portable. This makes them excellent for travelling and they are much easier to carry than the larger models. They are also lightweight in comparison and this has helped in making them accepted in the market more quickly. There is also a general consensus that netbooks are seen as being “cute” due to their small size. People like small cute phones, small cute dogs etc. and now small cute laptops too.

2. Price
With current global economic conditions being slow and people having less disposable income, netbooks prove to be a viable option. In fact it can be said to be a perfect time to launch them. They are considerably cheaper in price than larger laptops. You can pick a small laptop up for the price of a new mobile phone. Yes your own latest new portable personal computer for less than £200.

3. Specification
The introduction of Intel’s Atom Processor has revolutionised the new small laptop market, this small, energy efficient chip uses less power and requires less cooling, whilst still providing up to 2.0Ghz performance.  Netbook’s large hard drives allow users to store as much data as a desktop PC – up to 80 GB. All the main manufacturers have their own modedell-inspiron-9l, many offering built in webcams, and the majority having USB and full networking capabilities.

4. vs PDA
The concept behind PDAs has been simplicity and portability and the mini laptop is no different. Using small laptops proves to be much less awkward and more user friendly.Their portability is also seen to be almost as good, easily fitting into any of the range of stylish small laptop bags which are now on the market.

5. Eco Friendly
Due to the fact that small laptops use less power, they are beneficial to the environment. Netbooks use fewer toxic components and are resource efficient. They have lower battery weight with long battery life.

6. Cooler and Quieter
The small processors used in mini laptops require less cooling power and as a result don’t bring with them much noise.

7. Battery Life
The battery life of the latest small laptop has a run time of 8 hours. Plenty of time to carry out tasks of surfing the web, email, blogging, writing documents, watching videos, movies and more.

8. The Future is Web Based Applications
With much talk of cloud computing and many applications being web based, there won’t be a need to waste hard drive speed and free up more of the processor’s capabilities.

9. Stylish
The small laptop is seen as being a stylish accessory and the latest gadget or must have item. They look funky and are easy to carry around. Bright colours enhance their look.

Small Laptops are introducing a brand new approach to personal computing. They are perfect for exactly what we need you can’t email, blog, watch video and be on the move with those big laptops anymore!

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Why Small Laptops?, 4.8 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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