Netbooks vs Tablets

Small laptops and netbooks offer many features that the average notebook or tablet doesn’t. Despite the boom of the tablets like the iPad, netbooks possess capabilities which just aren’t available on the Apple or Android tablets. Below we have put together some reasons to still opt for a netbook over a tablet or a larger notebook laptop.

Netbooks offer so much more portability over conventional notebooks. With a screen size of approximately 10 inches, the netbook is more than 5 inches smaller than the average laptop. This makes them lighter and much easier to carry. The portability means that they can be taken with you anywhere.

Many people state that tablets are more portable than a netbook as they are even lighter and easier to carry. While this is true, many people now carry various accessories with their tablets such as external keyboards and speakers. The netbook offers all of these in one device.

When comparing with a tablet pc, netbooks provide you with the ability to type documents and carry out word processing tasks quickly and effectively. Tablets don’t have the luxury of a keyboard and typing on a touchscreen can often be difficult. Spreadsheets and presentations require a PC rather than a touchscreen, perfect for students and netbooksprofessionals alike.

Higher resolution displays
Netbooks are able to reach 1366 x768 resolutions as opoosed to the 1024 x 768 resolution on most tablets.

Superior battery life

The battery life on the majority of netbooks matches or exceeds the life of large netbooks, this is because of their low power consumption. Many netbooks can easily provide a battery life which exceeds 8 hours. The battery life of most tablet PCs are much less than netbooks and with a netbook you can easily carry a spare battery thus providing twice the life.

Full flash support
Apple products don’t offer flash support so you are unable to watch flash video on the iPads. Android tablets do offer this capability however. This is not a problem that netbook owners face as all are compatible with flash video.

One of the main advantages of netbooks over tablets is their superior processor which means that they can perform multiple tasks at the same time and run a number of applications at once. Although tablets are able to run more than one piece of software at a time they often hang when a few applications are running simultaneously

All small laptops come with Ethernet port, multiple USB ports, and even HDMi ports allowing you to easily connect to a television or monitor.

Netbooks can always be beefed up too and memory or hard drive space can be easily increased to improve capacity or performance. With the iPad and Android tablets, expansion capabilities are extremely limited and in most cases can’t be altered.

The biggest advantage that the netbook has over its tablet and notebook competitors is price. With significantly cheaper prices and superior performance over tablets, the netbook only gets beaten by the tablet’s appeal as a fashion accessory. In tougher economic times, the reasons to go for a netbook over a tablet prove that overall the small laptop is a better buy.

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Toshiba NB505

Price: Starting from $245.99
Size: 10.1 inches
Weight: 2.9 pounds
Battery life: Up to 9 hours
Processor speed: Intel Atom Processor N455
Hard drive: 250 GB HDD

View The Toshiba NB505-N508BL 10.1-Inch Netbook

Advanced technology has resulted in the emergence of a new set of computing devices; this set consists of various tablets and slates. However, this does not mean that netbooks have lost their value or importance. In fact they have just gotten better. Toshiba just made its mark with its latest version of netbook; the Toshiba nb505. This laptop can be obtained for as low as $245.99.

The NB505 features various characteristics which make it such an excellent machine. It offers fast performance thanks to its high speed Intel Atom N455 processor. It can hold a large amount of data on its 250 GB hard drive. You will never feel a pinch when carrying it around since its weight is merely 3 pounds. You also get to use various software applications provided by Microsoft via the Genuine Windows 7 Starter Operating System as well as additional free Toshiba software. This netbook offers you more than what you could have previously nb505

The Toshiba NB505 exists in a number of colors, including: turquoise, orange, green, brown, and blue. Its lid poses a rubbery feel which gives it a smooth grip. You will definitely like the dimpled patterns on the back of this netbook and its recessed power button. Its 10.1 inch dimensions allow you to easily carry it around whenever you need it.

Its bottom is equipped with a rubber fitting to avoid any slippage. It might have been a characteristic nature of many netbooks to heat up after you have extensively played a video game or watch a movie. However, extensive use of the Toshiba nb505 has proved it effectively maintains temperatures in the range of between 85 degrees and 90 degrees.

The NB505 has smooth plastic keys that are located close to each other, making typing very easy and comfortable. This netbook provides superb definition thanks to its 10.1 inch LED backlit screen. Its resolution (1024×600 pixels) fits the desired image size on the screen without you doing a lot of scrolling.

The NB505 comes with Ethernet port, USB, power jack, VGA, headphone jacks and microphone jack located from back to front, while the front lip has the SD card slot. It has a fascinating VGA camera that you can use to capture clear video when chatting online.

The NB505 has arguably the best performance in the Toshiba NB series family after the dual core NB305, its 1.66 GHz N455 processor and 1GB RAM gelp it hold its own.

Operating system: Genuine Windows 7 Starter (32-bit)
Processor: Intel Atom Processor N455
Memory: 1GB memory
Screen: 16:9 aspect ratio, 1024 x 600
WLAN: Wi-Fi Wireless networking (802.11b/g/n)
LAN: 10/100 Ethernet LAN
Graphics: 0MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory
Hard drive: 250 GB HDD (5400rpm)
Battery Life: Up to 9 hours
Camera: Webcam and microphone built into LCD bezel
Input/ Output: Standard US keyboard (Black), touch pad pointing device with multi touch control
Battery: Li-Ion (48Wh, 6-cell)
Weight: Starting at 2.9 pounds
Color: Easy Grip finishes in turquoise, orange, green, brown, and blue
Media: Memory card reader
USB PORTS: 3-USB (2.0)
AC Adapter: 30W (19V 1.58A) Auto-sensing, 100-240V/ 50-60Hz

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Acer Aspire One D257

Price: Starting from £225 / $300 onwards
Size: 10.1 inches
Weight: 1.3 KG 3-cells/ 1.2 KG for 6-cells
Battery Life: 4 hours of battery life with 3 cells or 8 hours of battery life with 6 cells
Processor Speed: Intel Atom N570 dual core, N550, N455, N475
Hard Drive: 250 / 320 / 500 GB
RAM: 1 GB DDR3 upgradeable to 2GB DDR3

View The Acer Aspire One D257 10.1 inch Netbook (Intel Atom N570 Dual-Core Processor, 1GB RAM, 250GB HDD, 8 Hours Battery Life, Bluetooth, Windows 7 Starter & Android) – White


The Acer Aspire One D257 is an excellent small laptop that brings you pure class by availing the most outstanding performance, convenient connectivity and sensational style close to you all the time.

The device has a glittering cover that composes of a texture wave design giving it a smooth touch and an elegant appearance. The netbook can be purchased in a variety of colours – burgundy, black, white or aquamarine. Its design incorporates a multi-gesture touch pad that allows you to either rotate, pinch or scroll with two fingers for a comfortable navigation.

The Intel Atom processor speed delivers a faster access of multitasking activities such as watching videos, chatting, internet browsing, email, and so on. We would recommend trying the dual core version with the N570 processor if you expect to carry out work on this netbook as it is perfect for multitasking. In addition, all versions of this netbook can handle several applications simultaneously without limiting the performance of the PC. On the other hand, its long lasting energy saving battery provides power for a convenient duration. The 10.1 inch LCD display is excellent for watching movies and enables power saving capabilities in comparison to other netbooks.

The D257 also comes with built in webcam, high definition speakers and has capacity for a number of additional storage media.

Its portability characteristic is amazing. It is less than an inch thick and 1.3 KG 3-cells/ 1.2 KG for 6-cells, makes it small enough to carry around effortlessly. On the other hand, you can easily carry out typing due to the enlarged keys on its keyboard. You do not need to worry about battery life, since both the 3-cells and 6-cells battery models offers you ample battery duration.

This model also has outstanding connectivity. You can always connect with your home network via Wi-Fi or fast Ethernet connections. In addition, you can always manage your chats and sharing of documents among other things with the Acer video conference manager. It incorporates Bluetooth 3.0+HS that allows you to transfer data easily.

With the Aspire One D257 you are certain that basic internet usage and normal operations are guaranteed. Once you buy, you can be online in a matter of minutes. The PC has upheld a high reputation due to its amazing features that have been liked by many. Whenever you need a friend to operate with, I suggest that you settle for Aspire one d257.


Operating system: genuine Windows 7 Starter 32-bit
Display: 10.1-inch SD 1024 x 600 (WSVGA)
Processor: Intel Atom N570 or N550/ N475
Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
WLAN: Acer InviLink
LAN: Fast Ethernet
Memory: 1GB DDR3 (W7 Starter) or 2GB DDR3 for the rest
Storage: 2.5-inch (9.5mm) 250/320/500 GB
Speaker: Two built-in stereo speakers
Microphone: Built-in microphone
Card Reader: Multi-in-1 card reader
Input / Output: 84-/85-/88-key full-size Acer Tip keyboard
Battery Pack: 24W 4400 mAh 3-cell Li-ion and 48W 4400 mAh 6-cell Li-ion
Dimensions: 256.5 (W) x 184 (D) x 24 (H) mm (10.17 x 7.28x 1.01 inches)
Weight: 1.30 kg with 6-cell battery pack and 1.20 kg with 3-cell battery pack
Color: Dark chocolate, seashell white, aquamarine

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Samsung NB30

Price: £249 / $359
Size: 10.1 inches
Weight: 1.27 kg
Battery Life: Up to 6.5 hours
Processor Speed: 1.6 GHZ Intel, Atom N450
Hard Drive: 250GB

View The Samsung NB30 Touch – Atom N450 / 1.66 GHz – RAM 1 GB – HDD 250 GB – GMA 3150 – WLAN : 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 EDR – Windows 7 Starter – 10.1″ Widescreen LED backlight TFT 1024 x 600 ( WSVGA ) – camera

If you are afraid of damaging your small laptop due to careless mistakes then this is the type of pc you need. The Samsung NB30 consists of a unique build that will save you the worries of damage including: a scratch resistant lid design, a hard drive free fall sensor which automatically protects data instantly if any movement is detected and a water resistant keyboard.

This netbook is assembled with fascinating multimedia features. Its operating system is W7 starter which making the notebook even more useful. With Windows 7 starter you are guaranteed the most engaging experience. Its design is basically meant for home computing activities such as browsing, producing documents as well as watching video. With W7 starter you will be able to build a home network, watch movies, and listen to music freely.

The Samsung NB30 is the most reliable, durable and fashionable netbook that one can ever wish for. Its protective rubber finish with distinguishable S-pattern eliminates the effect of scratch and fingerprints. The NB30 comes with a stylish protective casing ensuring the chances of damage are minimal.

This small laptop offers you longer duration of enjoyable moments whilst on the move due to its 6 cell battery that has a life of more than 8 hours. This gives you the opportunity of doing your normal chores while travelling on a business or social trip. Its performance is enhanced by its energy efficient LED display and optimised processing nb30

You do not need to worry about accidents such as a drop or fall. The Samsung NB30 contains a creative hard drive that includes a free fall sensor. This sensor detects any sudden movements that might occur without your immediate knowledge. The shock resistance ensures that when you netbook hits the ground your hard drive will park automatically as well as store all your data.

The excellent display provides good viewing angles and colours are bright. The keyboard is good for typing and the touchpad maintains excellent movement for your pointer.

In addition, the NB30 holds excellent communication technology. This includes 802.11 bgn wireless which allows your netbook to maintain high speed internet access at all times. Moreover, its high processor speed enables it to deliver more than enough power and performance that will allow you to enjoy full internet connections without any possible failures. For one of the best netbook experiences, we suggest that you go for NB30. Whilst it doesn’t have the best looks, for those of you who may be slightly accident prone, this netbook is definitely the most durable available on the market.

Operating system: Windows 7 Starter
Display: 10.1 inches TFT (WSVGA display; 1024×600)
Processor: Intel Atom N450 1.6 GHZ
Graphics: Intel GMA 3150 (integrated
Resolution: easy resolution manager
Memory: 1GB, 800MHz DDR2
Storage: 250.0 GB – Serial ATA-150 – 5400.0 rpm
Camera: Live YouCam
Speaker: Built in Stereo speakers
Card Reader: 3 in 1 card reader
Input / Output: 4 pin USB Type A, Mini-phone 3.5 mm
Battery Pack: 6-cell Lithium ion battery
Dimensions: 10.4 x 7.4 inches
Weight: 2.7 lbs.
Colour: Black

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Acer Aspire One 722

Price: £300 / $305
Size: 11.6 inches
Weight: 1.46 Kg for 6-cell and 1.35 Kg for 3-cell
Battery Life: 3.5 hours for 3-cell and about 7 hours for 6-cell
Processor: AMD C-Series processor
Hard Drive: 160 / 250 / 320 GB

View The Acer Aspire One 722 11.6 inch Netbook (AMD Dual-Core Processor C-50, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB, 7 Hours Battery Life, Windows 7 Home Premium) – Blue

Recently Acer has put forward one of the best all round netbooks on the market. The high specification of this small laptop makes it undoubtedly a real benchmark for its rivals to hit. This new laptop is powered by AMD’s CX series processor and 2GB of RAM, which is accompanied with a long battery life. This design has enabled Acer to offer the netbook at a considerably affordable price.

You do not have to complain about the design of the Acer Aspire One 722, since it features a classic look that is defined by the following aspects: it has tapered edges accompanied by clear lines, and its ripple effective lid. For the aquamarine version its colour covers both the lid and the keyboard deck. However if aquamarine doesn’t take your fancy you can still go for either the red or black version.

The aspire one 722 is basically lighter due to its dimensions and weight (11.2 x 7.29 x 1.0 inches; and 3 pounds). Apart from being lighter this laptop is also easy to carry around whenever you want. Some may try to compare this tablet’s weight with some of the well-known netbooks on the market. Well, it is a bit heavier on comparison but individually this small laptop is portable to carry all day long.Acer Aspire One 722

Unlike any other netbook, the 722′s keyboard present a good satisfaction to the user. However, the keys offer limited tactile response and springiness. So, when you are typing you have to beware of the keys’ nature not to make mistakes. On the other hand, the netbook’s touch pad offers excellent performance. This is also due to the fact that it is large enough (3.2×2.0-inch) to offer an adequate surface for even the largest fingers. The touch pad’s left and right click are also easy to distinguish due to the single long mouse bar underneath the touch pad.

The Aspire One 722 has the best display and audio components one can ever wish for. It has an LED backlit display of 11.6 inch, 1366×768 resolution. It is also equipped with a glossy finished screen. Its resolution offers a wider view for more than two people. The netbook is also equipped with two small speakers located on the front lip. The speakers are effective enough to produce moderate desirable loudness. In addition, the tablet features a standard spread of ports including: HDMI, 3 USB, and VGA.

Operating system: Genuine W7 Home premium 64-bit
Processor: AMD C-Series processor
Hard Drive: 160 / 250 / 320 GB
Display: 11.6 inches HD 1366×768 resolution/ 11.6 inches SD 1024×600 resolution
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD Graphics
WLAN: Acer InviLink
LAN: Fast Ethernet
Camera: Acer crystal eye webcam
Speaker: Two built-in speakers
Microphone: Microphone-in jack
Card Reader: Multi-in card reader
Input / Output: 3 USB 2.0, VGA port, HDMI
Battery Pack: 24.4 W 2200 mAh 3-cell Li ion/ 48 W 4400 mAh 6-cell Li ion
Dimensions: 285 (W) x 202 (D) x 25.4 (H) mm
Weight: 1.46 Kg for 6-cell and 1.35 Kg for 3-cell
Colours: aquamarine, red, black

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Best Small Laptop

Here at Small Laptops Guide, we are often asked which is the best small laptop? With so many small laptops and netbooks on the market nowadays, answering this question can become difficult. All the big manufacturers have now added their own machine into the equation and finding the right one can be confusing. We hope our free advice will help in your decision making.

The best small laptop is always going to be different for each person based on various criteria. Usually the most important is price. Small laptops range from as low as £100 and some are over £1,000. Does this mean you have to spend £1,000 to get the best small laptop? The answer is no. From our experience the best all round netbooks are in the £250 – £350 price range. Check reviews on a machine before you buy. On the menu on the left we have added the top ten latest small laptops. This is a carefully hand picked list based on our testing of the machines listed. We would advise any small laptop buyer to check the machines on this list and read our review of each pc.

We have added the latest small laptops to our shop so feel free to visit and check. Size and weight are also factors to consider. The size of netbook screens varies from machine to machine usually ranging from 7 inches to 11 inches. Personal preference will determine what size will suit you as some people find using a 7 inch machine to be difficult. Weight is usually around 1kg. Look out for reviews mentioning the keyboard, how easy is typing? are the keys laid out well in the space available? Battery Life is also another specification which should be taken into account. The best small laptops have a battery life of over 5 hours. This gives users plenty of time to carry out the tasks they want without having to find a plug point. Think about where you intend to use the netbook before you buy and whether power points will be easily accessible.

When looking at the specifications look for small laptops with more than 1GB of RAM and as large a hard drive as possible. Many now come with over 60GB as standard. The best small laptops all feature the Intel Atom Processor as standard so look out for this. Additional features such as webcam and colour should also be considered. Check the operating system as well before buying, the majority have Windows XP as standard although a number of machines are also loaded with Ubuntu Linux. Linux machines are often listed at a cheaper price. Small Laptops Guide would advise looking for a machine which covers all the above citeria, and you will be happy to know there are some we would highly recommend, purely for the fact that they can be classed as “the best small laptop”.

Lets discuss the options below, clicking on the name will take you to the corresponding page review.

1) Acer Aspire One The Acer Aspire One is our favourite small laptop. Coming packed with good spec, battery life, size, and price, the Acer Aspire One is a 5 star rating machine.

2) MSI Wind
The MSI Wind proves to be a good contender for the best small laptop crown based on its price. The MSI Wind is not only affordable and sleek, but also comes with good hard drive size and RAM memory.

3) Compaq 702
Another great netbook, the Compaq 702 is only let down by a battery life which is lower than its competitors.

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