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Small laptops and netbooks offer many features that the average notebook or tablet doesn’t. Despite the boom of the tablets like the iPad, netbooks possess capabilities which just aren’t available on the Apple or Android tablets. Below we have put together some reasons to still opt for a netbook over a tablet or a larger notebook laptop.

Netbooks offer so much more portability over conventional notebooks. With a screen size of approximately 10 inches, the netbook is more than 5 inches smaller than the average laptop. This makes them lighter and much easier to carry. The portability means that they can be taken with you anywhere.

Many people state that tablets are more portable than a netbook as they are even lighter and easier to carry. While this is true, many people now carry various accessories with their tablets such as external keyboards and speakers. The netbook offers all of these in one device.

When comparing with a tablet pc, netbooks provide you with the ability to type documents and carry out word processing tasks quickly and effectively. Tablets don’t have the luxury of a keyboard and typing on a touchscreen can often be difficult. Spreadsheets and presentations require a PC rather than a touchscreen, perfect for students and netbooksprofessionals alike.

Higher resolution displays
Netbooks are able to reach 1366 x768 resolutions as opoosed to the 1024 x 768 resolution on most tablets.

Superior battery life

The battery life on the majority of netbooks matches or exceeds the life of large netbooks, this is because of their low power consumption. Many netbooks can easily provide a battery life which exceeds 8 hours. The battery life of most tablet PCs are much less than netbooks and with a netbook you can easily carry a spare battery thus providing twice the life.

Full flash support
Apple products don’t offer flash support so you are unable to watch flash video on the iPads. Android tablets do offer this capability however. This is not a problem that netbook owners face as all are compatible with flash video.

One of the main advantages of netbooks over tablets is their superior processor which means that they can perform multiple tasks at the same time and run a number of applications at once. Although tablets are able to run more than one piece of software at a time they often hang when a few applications are running simultaneously

All small laptops come with Ethernet port, multiple USB ports, and even HDMi ports allowing you to easily connect to a television or monitor.

Netbooks can always be beefed up too and memory or hard drive space can be easily increased to improve capacity or performance. With the iPad and Android tablets, expansion capabilities are extremely limited and in most cases can’t be altered.

The biggest advantage that the netbook has over its tablet and notebook competitors is price. With significantly cheaper prices and superior performance over tablets, the netbook only gets beaten by the tablet’s appeal as a fashion accessory. In tougher economic times, the reasons to go for a netbook over a tablet prove that overall the small laptop is a better buy.

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